My love for music has put me into contact with people young and old, and I've taught in one-on-one and classroom settings.

I teach all levels of drums and help people overcome rhythmic frustration.

What I've discovered on this journey of teaching, has not only helped "me" become a better player, but has also bridged what seemed to be insurmountable gaps in my students playing.
All levels of player are welcome, and encouraged to progress at their own pace. Some of the topics may include:
•Musician Entrepreneurship
•Overall Technique
•Double Bass
•Warm-up Techniques
•Professional Recording
•Chart Making

I'll teach you the vocabulary you need to speak a language that's original to you, and in the process, you'll gain the skills needed to dissect and understand the techniques of your favorite players.

With this knowledge (and some inside tricks), you'll be on the fast track to learning how to groove, solo, and most importantly, play with a band.

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